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3 Tuscany Castles That You Must Visit

Without a doubt, Tuscany is castle country. Yet unlike those in Spain or Bavaria, the ones in Tuscany seem to be charming. To a certain extent, they also seem rather friendly.

Yes, the walls might be just as tall and the towers might seem a bit imposing. However, the courtyards and detached housing on the inside seem to be fun when you explore them.

Here are 3 Tuscany castles that you should visit:

1: Poggio alle Mura, Montalcino

This castle built in the tenth century looms large over the town of Poppi. Its dungeons have been preserved apart from a medieval library that has about 25000 antique volumes and manuscripts too. If you are visiting, then also go to the Hermitage of Camaldoli that has a pharmacy but also the Sanctuary of St. Francis on Monte Verna.


2: Monteriggioni

This fortressed village is set amongst the hills of Siena. The walls are massive and have fourteen towers in all. It is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. Once you find a way insider, all you can see is the sky. Yet you will see medieval culture rather closely once you enter this closed but charming world.

3: Garfagnana Fortezza delle Verrucole

This castle is more of an impenetrable fortress. Being as sprawling as it is and built in the 11th century, its insides can really set your imagination alight. Even though there’s very little left apart from its walls, you can get a great view of the Apuan Alps once you’re in the castle. Also, and in the vicinity, there’s a village and beautiful lake too.

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