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3 Tourist Spots From Which You Can Watch a Spectacular Sunset

Given the lives that we lead these days, watching the sunset can be a rarity. However, there are a number of tourist locations from which one can view a sunset in all its glory.

Whether it’s from the top of a skyscraper, besides the ocean, on a glacier or even from a mountaintop, looking westwards will never be as gratifying.

Having said that, here are 3 tourist spots from which you can watch a spectacular sunset:

#1: Tahiti

You won’t find a more picturesque spot to watch the sun set on the South Pacific island of Tahiti. As the sun goes down, you’ll find that the palm trees, boats and hills across the island become part of this visually pleasing event that can be best described as a spectacular view.

budgettravel#2: Maui, Hawaii

You can watch a sunset at Maui from just about anywhere. You can either watch it at Hana or even at the beach or better still, from Mount Haleakala. This is barely a comprehensive list of places from where you can watch the sunset but you can be sure that it will be no less stunning.

#3: Santorini, Greece

History bears witness to the fact that what is now the island of Santorini was once where an ancient volcano exploded leaving a caldera which is now filled with water. As soon as you pull into the harbor, you can see the island’s cliffs and where most of its settlements lie. This is also where a number of visitors and dwellers can sit and watch the sun set against the white backdrop of these settlements as well as the blue Aegean sea.

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