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3 Situations Where Tipping Might Be Necessary

Even if you think otherwise, tipping can cost you a little or a lot when you are on vacation. It is an expense that you must consider before going on a holiday.

While some countries don’t expect tips, there are others that do. It’s a good idea to read up on tipping etiquette before you leave.

Here are 3 situations in which you might have to offer tips:

1: Restaurants

If you intend to dine out (and you will!), look at the bill closely to see if a tip has to be included. If there are more than 5 people at the table, then a mandatory tip usually is. Sometimes, restaurants use computers to calculate tips. You can pick a 15, 20 or 25 percent tip if need be. Of course, tips do not apply to self-service or buffet restaurants.

budgettravel2: Hotels

For hotels, there are a few where employees do expect a tip. Most people either skip it or leave money at the end when they leave. The only issue with the latter is that it won’t necessarily the right employee who will get the tip. While some hotels add tips for room cleaning, it’s best to ask the hotel concierge for this information before you check in.

3: Baggage

Bellhops can be annoying sometimes if the assistance offered is for light luggage. But this is a different matter altogether when it comes to the heavy luggage. Tipping $1 to $3 is a good idea and this includes the driver if you take a shuttle in the city that you are visiting.

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