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3 Simple Ways To Save Money When Traveling To Europe

3 Simple Ways To Save Money When Traveling To Europe

Article by Darlene Berkel

Times are changing for vacationers with a taste for european culture and history. Because of an unfavorable exchange rate, Europe is becoming increasignly more expensive for anyone traveling to that continent and paying for their vacation in US dollars. Thankfully, there is good news. You may be pleased to know that there are many things you can do to reduce the costs of traveling to Europe without sacrificing your vacation pleasure or your comfort.

For starters you can plan as much in advance as possible in order to get the best “early bird” prices. On the other hand, you can search out great last minute deals that often offer tremendous savings over the ‘regular’ price. There are so many things that you can do, but let’s just focus on three really easy things that you can do that is certain to save you lots of money when traveling to europe.

1. Get the best airfares via the internet. One of the fastest growing industries is online travel. With the advance of the internet, anyone can become their very own travel agent. There is a tremendous amount of online suppliers each seeking your business, which means that great deals and excellent discount airfares to Europe abound. Take the time to do your research and to scan the many travel websites on the internet for the online discount airfare that is just right for you. There are even websites that offer comparative fares between the many discount airlines around the world, many of which are in Europe. Getting the lowest airfares possible is the best way to cut your traveling costs to Europe.

2. Consider vacation packages and tour packages. This is another great way to minimize the expense of a European vacation. Package deals can easily trim 25% or more off the cost of hotels and airfares. Here is a well-kept secret that many people may not know about. Most travel websites offer tremendous savings on vacation packages. So you can save when you book your hotel and airfare simultaneously as part of a package instead of booking them separately.

3. Avoid Hotels in the center of Town. There is a price to pay for the convenience of staying in the “heart” of the city. Many of these downtown hotels come at a premium, whereas hotels away from the tourist centers are usually 15%-40% cheaper. Most major European cites offer excellent and affordable public transportation, so getting to the tourist centers will be very easy. If you choose to stay in hotels in the small towns surrounding the major cities, you will save significantly on your hotel expenses and still have easy, inexpensive access to the more expensive tourist centers.

Even with an unfavorable exchange rate, a European vacation can easily fit within your budget. There is so much to see and do in Europe. That is why it just makes sense to do all you can do to minimize your travel expenses. You can use the tips above to cut your travel costs where you can without sacrificing your comfort, a win-win situation. And there is a variety of ways to do just that. Happy travels.

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