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3 Essential Activities to Try on San Juan Island

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San Juan Island in Washington State is a beautiful, but often overlooked vacation spot. You’ll find scenic views, colorful flora and fauna, and unique experiences in this magical place. Here are three experiences you shouldn’t miss out on.

Whale Watching

San Juan Island is home to majestic orca whales, some of the most striking sea creatures in existence. You may see some leaping out of the water from Lime Kiln Point State Park, or during a boat ride through whale-filled waters. You can also learn about these breathtaking creatures at The Whale Museum.

Sea Kayaking

The San Juan Islands have plenty of tranquil spots for kayaking adventures on your own or with your family. Go on a self-guided kayak camping trip if you’re feeling adventurous, or sign up for a supervised kayak tour if you’re new to kayaking. Kayaking is a fun and relaxing way to discover new scenic places to admire and photograph.

San Juan Island Cuisine

San Juan Island is home to creative chefs who use local ingredients to create unique dishes for guests looking to experience the island’s restaurants. Some of the most popular restaurants include Duck Soup and San Juan Bistro. You’ll find something for everyone among the island’s restaurants.

You’ll need a cozy place to rest after exploring all the island has to offer. If you’re looking for a good San Juan Island cabin rental, visit San Juan PM’s website. They have a wide selection of vacation home rentals for all your lodging needs.

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