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3 Cities That Share That Distinct Parisian-like Charm

Almost every traveler to Paris is charmed by its boulevards, art galleries, fashion stores and the cafes and bistros that are strewn across the city.

That said, there are several other cities across the globe that share this Parisian charm. So, here are 3 cities that you could visit if you’re looking for a similar experience:

#3: Seville, Spain

It’s pretty obvious that Paris is very different from Seville. Yet all it has to offer is along the same lines as its Parisian equivalent – the art, architecture, streets, trees, food, shops and music too. Whether its the orange trees, the dimlit bars from which Flamenco music emanates , excellent red wine at low prices, Seville has all the pleasures that tourists crave for but with a distinct difference.

#2: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Known as the “Paris of South America”, the nightlife in the city is considered legendary, and which is why it is an attractive destination for white folk. However, if you take a walk across to its center, you’ll find a striking similarity since there are a number of Parisian boulevards. Apart from this, make sure you visit Palermo which is known for its cuisine as well as a line of French fashion labels too.

#1: Montreal, Canada

If you stroll through the streets in Vieux Port or even the Lachine Canal, you’ll see that there’s a distinct Parisian charm even if it was Canada’s prominent city for a while. Whether it’s a candlelit bistro, a corner cafe or even the neo-gothic Basilique Notre-Dame, you won’t have to look far to find any French-flavored sights. The city is also known for being one of North America’s top gourmet destinations given its top class restaurants, delis and food markets too.

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