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10 Tips on Budget Holidays

10 Tips on Budget Holidays

Article by Andrew Bermam

Grown ups as well as kids need a vacation to getaway from the daily grind and rejuvenate themselves to face the fast track life is on. Worried how the family budgets will provide for the holiday everyone is looking forward too? Thinking of holidaying right at home and running yourself down to screaming point? Gosh no you can learn how to vacation without going broke.

1. Flying is not the only option. Consider the options of traveling by train, bus, or car. Often trains offer tickets at rates that are great bargains. Imagine Chicago to New York for as little as USD 39. Check out great fares at http://www.amtrak.com and what is known as Amtrak vacations.

2. Instead of going to popular destinations become adventurous and try little known options. You could decide to spend time at a reserve or on a ranch. Try a small town or village where citizens welcome guests and provide great service.

3. Ever thought of combining staying trim and a holiday? Try a back packing tour or bicycle tour. Log onto http://www.backpackertours.com/ and review the great options available. The worldwide bicycle tour director gives great options http://www.backpackertours.com/. Relive your youth and enjoy the vacation with the whole brood.

4. If you kids are small or grown up you could opt for a vacation during off season. Often luxury hotels have great packages that are affordable. Imagine gong to an exotic destination without worrying about money.

5. Surf the net and find out which online site offers you the best fares and hotel bookings. Visit travel directories like Yahoo and become an informed consumer.

6. Choose to stay at places that offer bed and breakfast or even all meals. This will save you a lot of money.

7. Plan to eat at “all you can eat” restaurants this will stretch your budget as if the family has one large meal the next one can be hot dogs or sandwiches from a deli.

8. Stock up on snacks for the kids and avoid ordering drinks at exorbitant rates from your hotel.

9. Before you leave check up whether you have coupons for discounts at hotels /restaurants sent by your Credit Card Company, mobile phone provider, or club. Be sure to clip coupons from magazines and other promotional material for use during a vacation. 10. If your family is large or you vacation with friends check out group fares and discounts.

The key is to innovate. It is not essential to be like the Joneses. A holiday is for togetherness, to strengthen bonds, and to enjoy. So plan a holiday that suits you and your budget.

Be well informed read magazines that cover great getaways. Don’t throw away pamphlets sent by credit card companies and others without a glance some have great offers for hotels, shopping, and restaurants. Consider options like time share and holiday club memberships. Look into programs hotel chains have for frequent guests.

Comparison shop and you will be able to have a great holiday without going broke.

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Andrew Bermam is a freelance writer for Debt Consolidation, the premier website for free Debt Consolidation Services for loans, debt management plans, debt counselors, advice, loan payments and many more. He also freelances for Airline Ticketssite.

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