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10 Last Minute Christmas Gifts that They’ll Love

10 Last Minute Christmas Gifts that They’ll Love

Article by Star Smith

Finding a gift for everybody during the busy holiday season just isn’t possible sometimes. There’s all kinds of parties, get-togethers and people stopping over unexpectedly. That’s why last minute Christmas gifts are always a good idea.

Fortunately, there’s some great last minute Christmas holiday deals that make great gifts and won’t break the budget.

Gift Card – ipod music download, popular restaurants, popular book stores, spa visit, entertainment sites, etc. Many gift certificate cards can be purchased in drug stores or by visiting the retailer in person.

Online gift certificates – magazine subscriptions, popular department stores, popular online shopping sites. For convenience, there are many sites that offer printable online gift certificates.

Flower Bouquet – a flower bouquet is always a thoughtful gift to give and receive. There are bouquets for every budget or you can give a lovely house plant.

Homemade Gift Baskets – fresh fruit, chocolate, teas, coffee, cookies, travel size toiletries, bath or kitchen towels, special bath soap, nuts, dried fruits, dried pasta, tomato sauce, salsa, cheese, canned ham, jams, candy, mints, mini games and puzzles, etc. You can find some great homemade gift basket ideas online.

Wine and Wine Accessories – a nice time to give someone a bottle of local wine (if your area has wineries) or a bottle of their favorite red, white or rose. Wine accessories gifts can include items like: corkscrew, wine decanter, wine bottle stopper, wine rack, wine tote and wine glasses.

Fitness Gift – yoga mat, gym bag, pedometer, workout DVD, etc.

DVD Movie or TV Show Box Set – If you know they’re a fan of a certain TV show or enjoy certain movies, they will enjoy watching their favorite over and over again. There’s a wide array of expensive or cheap dvd box sets to fit every budget.

Board Game – Monopoly, Scrabble, Bananagram, Pictureka, and Cranium are just a few of the games that many people will enjoy playing.

Christmas Music Collection – There are countless new and old holiday music collections for every possible music taste: classical, soul, pop, country, opera and instrumental are all popular choices.

Decorative Candles – Most people enjoy candles. There are some very unique candle sets now that have a combination of delicious smells. Some of the best affordable candle gift sets look like our favorite yummy foods like cinnamon buns and baked pie. Aromatherapy candle scents are relaxing.

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